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Indoor Competitions 2018

This seasons competitions will be held on the following dates

13th November

11th December

15th January

12th February

12th March

for those of you new to the club this year - over the winter season we participate in 3 'postal' leagues. We shoot a round known as a Portsmouth - 60 arrows in total - 3 arrows per end. The scores are totted up and the best scores go towards our teams entries. Last season we did very well so hopefully we can carry that trend on this year!

We have to comply with rules and regulations for scores to be official and it's common courtesy to respect other archers whilst they are shooting competition ends - so less larking about and general chit chat is requested during these sessions. If you really don't want to score your ends you are still more than welcome to come along and shoot - there is no expectation to take part - so long as we have 12 archers we have enough. As the competition evenings tend to take a bit longer it's helpful if everyone can turn up promptly at 7pm to help set up - the sooner we get going the better!

The leagues are;

Shropshire Archery Society League (SAS) - as the name would suggest this is against all other Shropshire based clubs! We have entered 3 teams of 4 archers - in March team B & C get to face off against each other !

West Midlands Postal League - this is all the teams based in the West Midlands area - the top 5 scores are entered as the team but in this league there is also a 'handicapped' team - every archer is allocated a handicap score based on the their previous scores (or current score if new to the club) so the better scores get a lower value and vice versa - so the overall total is taken - so there is ample opportunity for lower scoring archers to make it onto the team entry!

British Archery (BA) Postal league - teams of 3 archers - we enter 3 teams. This is against every other archery club in the UK who enter - we get allocated into a league of 6 teams who all expect to score similar totals - then it's just a case of best overall scores win - last year we won 2 out of the 3 leagues we were in and came a close 2nd in the other one!

Lastly - don't get too excited - the most you get as a winner is pin badge from BA and the club name on a shield in the SAS........

2017 - 2018 Indoor Competition Results

Shropshire Archery Society:

A team - 3 wins out of 5

B team - 4 wins out of 5 (and okay 1 was a 'bye' round and 2 other wins were when the opponents did not register a score - but as they say you've got to be in it to win it....!)

British Archery Postal League:

A team - 5 wins out of 5 !

B team - 4 wins out of 5

C team - 3 wins out of 5 - this division got complicated - we ended up having to adjust all our scores as we were over the threshold of the division score -
but so were some of the other teams in this round - so it's hard to tell how well we actually did.

Final BA division scores are always late coming out but hopefully we'll move up a few leagues based on this seasons scores

West Midlands League

we don't get individual round scores submitted but once we have the final standings I send these out as well.

Thank you to all who took part and if anyone wants further explanation of how these competitions all work
I will have hard copies of the results with me during the outdoor season and will happily explain how it all works !

To see complete scores please use the menu on the left and goto other results>indoor competitions

The English archery Federation (EAF) holds events and selects teams on behalf of English Archery.

Archers who are affiliated to any of the 5 English regions are eligible to shoot for team England in the Home Nations
tournaments againt Scotland, N. Ireland and Wales as well as other Commonwealth Countries in the Commonweath/ Euronations tournaments.

There are senior tournaments and junior tournaments.
In order to beome a member of Team England archers (Juniors and Seniors) have to submit 3 scores on line to the selection team.

Events we need teams for are the Indoor and Outdoor National Championships and the Commonwealth/Euronations Games.
Any one who has shot for AGB,however, is not eligible to shoot for the Indoor and Outdoor championships

Information about what rounds you can submit scores for , deadline dates and any age criteria can be found on the English Archery Federation website

Do you want to try and get into the Shropshire County Squad in 2018?

If your new year's resolution is to make the Shropshire County squad in 2018, then this is for you!

Bowbrook Archers are starting up monthly sessions where past and current County squad members can get together with new archers looking to progress,
shoot and improve both individually and as a team on a regular basis.

If you are interested please download and view the document below by clicking on the word icon:

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