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Shropshire Archery Society Architectural Heritage Shoot 2019

Sunday 26th May 2019

Adcott School,

Little Ness,




Sighters 1 p.m.

Entry Fee: Seniors: £6.50, Junior £3.50

Closing Date: Sunday 19th May 2019

Archers will be expected to pay whether they shoot or not

£1 charge for any entrees received after the closing date To download the information pdf please click on the icon below:

Click here to download the flyer

To download the entry form please click on the icon below:

Click here to download the entry form

Outdoor shooting 2019

Next Tuesday - 16th - will be our last day shooting indoors - we will be outside after that - both Tuesdays and Thursday's

However......... at some point - likely early June - we will be moved off our field as they are digging it up to improve the drainage.

We will not be allowed back on until summer season of 2021 whilst the grass recovers - footballers have been kicked off too !

But - panic not - Phil and I went out on Friday with the man from the council to view the facilities at Monkmoor Recreation Centre.

There is ample parking and a small store where we can move enough bosses etc to keep us going this season and next summer - a few steps to negotiate the bosses down but should not be a problem - the rest of the field is nice and flat !

There are also toilets and a member of staff on duty - and it's still free for us to use - positively luxurious facilities !

If you google it there are pictures and address details on the council website - if anyone has any major objections we can discuss further over the next few weeks but we need to confirm with the council fairly soon.

Other alternatives lack storage facilities or will cost us....


Bowbrook Heritage Shoot 2019

Bowbrook Archery Field, 12th May 2019

1.00 pm

Closing date for entries: 6th May 2019

New National (100/80) Senior Gents & Senior Ladies

Long National (80/60) Senior Gents & Senior Ladies

National (60/50) Senior Gents, Senior Ladies, Boys under 18

Short National (50/40) Girls under 18, Boys under 16

Junior National (40/30) Girls under 16, Boys under 14

Short Junior National (30/20) Girls under 14, Boys under 12

Very Short Junior National (20/10) Girls under 12, Boys under 10

Entry Fees:
Senior £6 Junior £4 (subject to confirmation by Shropshire Archery Society)

(Please note: Places are limited, so early application is advised. An additional £1 charge may be made for entries received after the closing date - if space allows).

To download the entry form please click on the word icon below:

133rd Wenlock Olympian Games 2019

Sunday 14th July 2019

Hosted by Bowbrook Archers

Venue:Bowbrook Archers Field, Withington, Nr Shrewsbury.

Sighters: 11am

Round: Western: 4 dozen @ 60 yds + 4 dozen @ 50 yds. No other distances will be shot.
Bow Styles - compound, recurve freestyle, barebow, longbow, AFB & Traditional.

Entry Fees: All Entries are £8

To download the information flyer and entry form please click on the icon below:

Archers of Teme Heritage & County Novice Shoot 2019

Sunday July 21st

Moor Park School

For more information please visit

and there is a contact section on their website

2017 - 2018 Indoor Competition Results

Shropshire Archery Society:

A team - 3 wins out of 5

B team - 4 wins out of 5 (and okay 1 was a 'bye' round and 2 other wins were when the opponents did not register a score - but as they say you've got to be in it to win it....!)

British Archery Postal League:

A team - 5 wins out of 5 !

B team - 4 wins out of 5

C team - 3 wins out of 5 - this division got complicated - we ended up having to adjust all our scores as we were over the threshold of the division score -
but so were some of the other teams in this round - so it's hard to tell how well we actually did.

Final BA division scores are always late coming out but hopefully we'll move up a few leagues based on this seasons scores

West Midlands League

we don't get individual round scores submitted but once we have the final standings I send these out as well.

Thank you to all who took part and if anyone wants further explanation of how these competitions all work
I will have hard copies of the results with me during the outdoor season and will happily explain how it all works !

To see complete scores please use the menu on the left and goto other results>indoor competitions

Bruce Lee quotes:

Bruce lee picture

“Its like a finger pointing away to the moon. Don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory.”

“If you think a thing is impossible,you’ll only make it impossible.”

“Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.”

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