Rose Awards

Rose Awards are open to archers shooting at National Record Status York, Hereford and/or Bristol l - lV tournaments that have been registered with "Rose Award" Status.

The scores required and the background colour of the Awards are as follows:

  White 800 Black 900 Blue 1000 Red 1100 Gold 1200 Purple 1250
Compound &
Recurve bows

A senior archer may not claim for a level below, or equal to, that for which a senior ‘Rose’ has already been claimed.

Junior archers must shoot the round relevant to their age group or above. Age groups for the rounds can be found Here

A colour can only be claimed once, however, missed colours may be claimed when shooting a longer distance round.

Claims for the Award must be submitted to GNAS on the appropriate form submitted through the Organiser of the Tournament at which the award is achieved. Claims must be accompanied by the original scoresheet and a copy of the official tournament results sheet.

Junior archers must shoot the round relevant to their age group or above as follows in order to claim the Junior Rose awards:

Round Junior Ladies Junior Gents
Bristol I
Junior Gents under 18
Bristol II
Junior Ladies under 18
Junior Gents under 16
Bristol III
Junior Ladies under 16
Junior Gents under 14
Bristol IV
Junior Ladies under 13
Junior Gents under 12

Last Updated:08/11/2020