Beginners Courses


Beginners Course 2021

Here is our Beginners group for 2021 with two of our three coaches Graham and Sean


Initial training courses consists of 6 lessons spread over 6 weeks. The club will supply all the basic equipment necessary at this stage, and provide expert guidance from our volunteer qualified coaches.

Contact us for course costs

If you find that Archery is the sport for you, you will need to become a member of the club and purchase your own equipment to continue with the sport. A starter set, (bow, arrows, tab, brace, quiver) will cost around £100.00 new. 


Archery is a sport using a weapon which can kill, as such strict safety rules must be applied. For insurance purposes no shooting takes place unless a minimum of 2 adult club members are present. The range must include a designated over shoot distance all around the shooting area, and be marked by a warning barrier.

Juniors are only accepted into the club with parental approval, and when they have shown the necessary discipline for the sport.

Juniors must be 13 years old or older to be able to join the beginners course.

If you wish to attend the next beginners course where you will receive expert guidance and be able to shoot a bow, then simply send an email with your details as shown on the join page, and we will contact you! Thankyou for your interest and remember,


(NOTE: Beginners Courses are currently ONLY held during the outdoor season)

Last Updated: 24/05/2021