GNAS Junior Arrow Awards

The Arrow Awards are open to juniors of the Society under 16 years of age and are in the form of Red, Blue and Black badges.
The Award may be claimed only once in each age group and archers may shoot for an Award in age groups above, but not below, their own.
Archers submitting valid claims for Awards higher than their age group may also claim the lower awards down to their age group, providing they have not been gained previously.

The following table indicates the qualifying rounds and scores for separate bows/styles in each age group, for the relevant colour badge.

Number of Rounds required = Four in a calendar year, including at least one of the FITA/ Metric rounds given in the table. One round must be shot at an open tournament; the remainder may be shot at any associated club target day when a minimum of two archers are shooting together including, or under the supervision of a senior member. Claims for the Award shall be made on the appropriate claim form obtainable from GNAS office by sending a SAE. The form must be returned to the GNAS office fully completed by providing the information requested on the form, and signed by the archer and his/her Club Records Officer or Secretary.

Last Updated:08/11/2020