GNAS Classifications

The use of the classification scheme by Clubs is optional and the administration of it, up to Bowman standard, shall be in the hands of the Club Officials.

At Master Bowman, or equivalent, and above, the classification is ratified by GNAS centrally.

If you achieve the classification of Master Bowmen (MB), you will be amongst the top 5% of competitive archers.

If you achieve the classification of Grand Master Bowmen (GMB), you will be amongst the top 1% of competitive archers.

Both classifications MB and GMB entitle you to be invited to the UK Masters, a prestigious 2 day competition held each year at Lilleshall National Sports center at the beginning of June.

Initial grading and subsequent upgrading occurs immediately the necessary scores have been made in the defined year.

You will need 3 scores shot equal to or above the defined score levels in order to qualify for that classification.

Apart from occasions when juniors become seniors or change age groups (see below), the qualification, as a minimum, holds for one year immediately
following that in which it is gained. If it is not maintained during that year, reclassification shall be on the scores made during the year.

An archer may hold different classifications in different archery disciplines, Recurve, Compound, Longbow, Barebow

An archer who has failed to reach the qualifying scores for the lowest classification grade shall be listed as an Archer.

An archer who previously held a classification but failed to shoot the minimum number of rounds required to acquire a classification
during the following defined year shall be listed as unclassified (U/C).


When a junior reaches the age of the next higher age group (Target Archery) or becomes a senior (Target and Field Archery), the classification of Bowman/Junior Bowman,
1st, 2nd or 3rd Class will be assessed on the three best qualifying scores shot in the twelve months preceding the birthday date.

If three rounds as nominated in the higher section have not been shot in the twelve months, the archer will be unclassified until the necessary rounds have been shot.

A junior may hold both junior and senior classifications assessed independently, using the appropriate qualifying rounds and scores.

The classifications listed in order from lowest to highest are as follows:
Archer - 3rd Class - 2nd Class - 1st Class - Junior Bowman - Bowman - Junior Master Bowmen - Master Bowmen - Grand Master Bowmen

The following links will show you the required scores that can be shot at various rounds for that particular classification within your age group.
You only need 3 scores equivilent or above the scores shown here, and they can be shot over the different rounds shown.

GNAS Imperial Outdoor Rounds - Recurve Bows
GNAS Imperial Outdoor Rounds - Compound Bows
GNAS Imperial Outdoor Rounds - Longbow
GNAS Imperial Outdoor Rounds - Barebow
GNAS Metric Outdoor Rounds - Recurve Bows
GNAS Metric Outdoor Rounds - Compound Bows
GNAS Metric Outdoor Rounds - Longbow
GNAS Metric Outdoor Rounds - Barebow
FITA Outdoor Rounds - Recurve
FITA Outdoor Rounds - Compound
FITA Outdoor Rounds - Longbow
FITA Outdoor Rounds - Barebow

For indoor shooting there are also Classifications or Grades available, from A through to H. The same rules apply, you must shoot 3 scores equal to or above the score levels listed below .
The indoor Grades are only available to Recurve and Compound Archers, and there are no seperate classifications for junior archers.

GNAS/FITA Indoor Rounds - Recurve
GNAS/FITA Indoor Rounds - Compound

Last Updated:08/11/2020